Keeping a tasty tradition alive.

Just Desserts ensures that local heavy cakes remain a tradition in our islands. As cassava and coconuts were so readily available in Cayman in years past, it was only natural for the cassava cake to be born!
Caymanians indulged in this traditional delicacy only on special occasions such as weddings and at Christmas time. However it later developed into a year-round dessert and can now be enjoyed at any time.

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There's no secret to our recipe.

The main ingredients of the cassava cake are grated cassava, coconut milk (made from grated coconut), brown sugar, water and spices. The coconut milk and sugar are boiled, along with the water and spices, then added to the grated cassava. This aromatic mixture is stirred thoroughly and then baked. A portion of the sweet mixture of coconut milk and brown sugar is used to cover the cake during the baking process to produce the “topping” for the cake.