When practice
makes perfect.

Just Desserts was formally launched in 2010, some three years after head baker and founder Melanie Ebanks-Jackson first tried her hand at baking a cassava cake. But practice she did, and today, she makes what many refer to as the best cassava cake in Cayman!
Just Desserts caters to local restaurants, private parties, weddings, corporate events and gifting, and social programs like the Savannah Senior Citizens annual party with their tasty and delicately crafted cassava cakes, flans, other traditional heavy cakes and jams. Using simple ingredients, reminiscent of the origins of these baked treats, Just Desserts brings together an explosion of flavor with a nostalgic twist of Cayman's "old days".

Crafted from tradition & baked from scratch with passion.

When Melanie started the art of baking in 2005, she was taught by her mother-in-law, Mrs. Aneza Jackson, who was a woman steeped in Caymanian heritage who wanted to pass along the traditional recipes and processes of baking cassava and other heavy cakes. When the first three cassava cakes Melanie attempted on her own failed, she thought she would never get it. But, the fourth time around was the charm, when the cassava cake came out perfectly - and there, the passion was born to continue to keep a tradition alive.